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Sk8erboy® FCK YOU Socks
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Sk8erboy® FCK YOU Socks

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Our Sk8erboy FCK YOU Socks Expressive and popular at every session and in everyday life!!

With the message "FCK YOU = F * ck you" you make it unmistakably clear to everyone what you are about. If you are a chubby socks master or an active engraver, then these socks are just the thing for you. Your socks slave will love it when you press the bare soles in his face with FCK YOU ;-)

And for all switchers or who don't really know what they want in the evening; simply combine with oursFCK ABL (= F * ck able) socks. Just take one of each variety and you can take over the active and passive part right away.
  • perfect in everyday life, in a session or party
  • no long chatting, the position is clear!
  • Marking L left and R right on the socks for perfect legibility of the FCK message!
  • the best is yet to come: the left sock has a small inside pocket on the shaft. Perfect for poppers, lubricants, condoms, money, ID cards etc. So nothing is lost at wild parties.
  • every inner pocket is already filled with an exclusive Mister B condom 4 free! Therefore you are equipped for everything with these socks, of course safe!
  • top quality, and fluffier than some brand socks! Fully plush sole, so nice and soft on the top and bottom.
  • woven size inside the waistband
  • Composition: 95% cotton 5% elastane

Note: Before you stop taking them off, please wash new socks before wearing them for the first time. The final size and fit are only available after the first wash. So you give a perfect picture in every position. ab.

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