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Sk8erboy® FCK ABL Socks
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Sk8erboy® FCK ABL Socks

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FCK OJ – for the willing among us; there is actually no need for a description!

Make an announcement! With these quality socks and the FCK ABL statement on the waistband, everything is said. And if you are already lying down or kneeling, we have provided a clear message on the soles.

By the way - the switchers among us can mix really cool! Just wear a sock with FCK ABL and one with youFCK YOU. You have already brought your positions to the point! The L and R markings on our socks ensure that your announcement is always easy to read, even when you are lying on your back ;-)

  • perfect for cruising, partying or in everyday life
  • no long chatting, get on your knees and go!
  • Marking L left and R right on the socks for perfect legibility of the FCK message!
  • And best of all: the left sock has a small inside pocket on the shaft. Perfect for poppers, lubricants, condoms, money, ID cards etc. So nothing is lost at wild parties.
  • The inside pocket is already filled with an exclusive Mister B condom - 4 free! Therefore, with these socks you are equally prepared, safe of course!
  • top quality, and fluffier than some brand socks! Fully plush sole, so nice and soft on the top and bottom.
  • woven size inside the waistband
  • Composition: 95% cotton 5% elastane
Note: Before you start, please wash your new socks before wearing them. Only then will you get the final size and fit and you will give a good picture in every position.ab.


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