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About us

Sk8erboy® - We have been making your dreams come true for 20 years

Since 2001 the cool label for gays and high quality fetish equipment

Mister B Sk8erboyy®

Since 2019 you can also find our products at Mister B. We are very proud to have become part of the big Mister B family.You can find our Sk8erboy suburb map via this linke. Maybe near you too!

Who we are today

Sk8erboy is a trendy team in the closest circle - with freelancers and numerous helpers. Our focus is on high-quality sports fetish and sneaker clothes, but above all on our Sk8erboy socks. The whole team comes together especially when one of the legendary Sk8erboy parties takes place. Most of us love the fetish that Sk8erboy shows and for which the label stands.st. 

We are represented at all major gay events or support them through sponsorship. For example, Sk8erboy has been a supporter of the Puppy Germany. We also support you through our membershipEaster Berlin andFolsom Europe.

Read interview with Mister B:

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